No bull, Wyn Masters is back and will be riding for Bulls-Bikes at this years UCI World Cup races.

Good news, peoples favourite Wyn Masters has got himself a ride and will be racing World Cups this year. Welcome back Wyn! (And brace yourself for some bovine related jokes!)

Bulls bikes have partnered up with Mountainbikeridermag and reckon they are the first ever German UCI DH Trade team and will be hitting up the full WC series.

One slight snag, that I'm sure isn't troubling Wyn too much, is that their DH bike is still in development. If you look on the Bulls website, I'm hoping the bike will be based more on the "WildCup" platform than the "WildBeast" design.

"So the new year has now begun and it brings a new beginning for me, I am stoked to say that in 2013 I am going to be riding the full Worldcup Series for the BULLS-Bikes! After some bad luck with injuries last season I am pumped to get back on the circuit in 2013 and with the support that I have working with an awesome company like BULLS, I know I will have the tools needed in order for me to reach the goals I am aiming for, I have been putting in the hard work over the offseason to make sure 2013 is a great year!" Wyn Masters

Wyn Masters. Photos: Sven Martin

Wyn will be joined by Christian Textor and Tommy Herrmann for the DH side of things and Sweden´s Slopestyle star Teo Gustavson will be hitting up the FMB World tour.

Teo Gustanson. Photo: Thomas Lundman

"After struggling to find the support which I need in the past, I´m more than happy to finally have been backed up by such a great company and being part in an awesome programm like this. I, seriously, can´t wait til the season kicks off for me at White Style, Leogang!" Teo Gustavson

The brand BULLS is owned by the german buying-association, the ZEG, which was founded in 1966, in case you were wondering.

"With the establishment of this new team and the bikes we are working on for this project, we want to continue our engagement in the sport just like we do with our CC-Team. I´m really looking forward to the enhancement and the potential in the gravity-sector “ Georg Honkomp, CEO of ZEG.

"The Mountainbikerider Magazine was into racing from day one onwards, most of its editors are an active part of the racing scene. I´m totally stoked about the chance to build up a World-Cup Racing Team with the help of BULLS. Moreover I´m very happy for the two young germans and the chance that we finally could see german athletes on the top ranks of World-Cup racing." Frank "Lippe" Weckert, founder and chief-editor of MRM.