The year is 1998 and Rob Warner is in a hotel room in Mont Sainte Anne practising bedroom trials on his old ATX1 with a few friends and trashing the room while he's at it (also was this the beginning of the Warner's commentary career?)

Points are available to you lot if you can name everybody in this clip...we know it's Alex Rankin filming (which Sprung vid though?) Warner, Nige Page and Tim Pontin are there but who else is in the room?

Wikipedia reckons this must have been the World Championships, where Vouilloz took gold, Gerwin Peters silver and Mickael Pascal bronze.

1998 World Championships Mont Sainte Anne

I had a root around in the old Dirt Magazine archives and found the results from the 1998 Champs at Sainte Anne.

We are guessing that Peaty wasn't there, he won his first World Cup at Snoqualmie in the US earlier in June and must have injured himself before the Champs?