I'm pretending to be living in a goat hut in the Andorran hills.

I'm actually sat in a 1960's holiday camp with a bunch of octoganarians who at this very moment are huddled around tables playing pontoon and smoking strong Catalan cigarettes like an elderly saga mafia.

The hotel brochure lied when it said it was young and trendy and also lied when it said it had internet in the rooms. I'm currently sat in the lobby with the blue rinse brigade frantically trying to rid my computer of the loose-stool virus it picked up (no doubt from one of these smokey old people). Anyway I saw this sinister clown on the drive up to the track and I think he's to blame for all this.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Anyway tomorrow if the old people don't get in the way I'm going to attempt to post some helmet cam action of the downhill and 4x tracks.

andorra world cup