World Cup Preview 2013: Ten Questions for the Top Ten – Part 4

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World Cup Preview 2013: Ten Questions for the Top Ten – Part 4

Part 3 of our series previewing the World Cup series ahead by asking the top ten riders from last year ten questions about the season ahead. You can also read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Brook MacDonald. Photo: Victor Lucas
7: How many other non-UCI sanctioned races will you be racing this year? What do you think of the rules regarding banning attendance at these races?


Aaron Gwin: I’ll probably race 5 or 6 by the time the season is finished. I don’t think there’s a need for a rule like that but seems like most sanctioning bodies really like making random rules. Hopefully everyone can work it out and agree on something.

Greg Minnaar: I feel it’s pretty pathetic, you know We ( Our Bike shop in SA) have been putting on a DH race series for the last 7years, unsanctioned by UCI. If we hadn’t stepped in to run a series there would be no such thing as DH in Pietermaritzburg, our series has gained some momentum and has now been recognised on the local calendar. This is where the UCI and its affiliates need to be seen, in the grass roots of DH.

Steve Smith: I’m not sure if that rule will affect us too bad. Seems like most races are all good but I don’t agree with it at all. it would suck to have a small local race and not be able to race for that reason.

Sam Hill: It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. How can they control us as riders and what events were allowed to compete at. I race a lot of local and 1 off non UCI races as training pre season and during the world cups. The UCI needs to support riders not make things harder for us.

Josh Bryceland: Banning attendance at these races? Bullsh*t. i don’t know what they are thinking with that one.

Brook Macdonald: I will be racing some races here in America and basically focusing on World Cups. I’ll also be racing Canadian open at Crankworx and other races there. I think it’s pretty crappy I don’t see what the big fuss is racing non UCI races; it’s not like its affecting our racing with them.

Danny Hart: I’m not sure really I guess I did Sea Otter, I don’t think that is UCI, and I am going to be at the two Crankworks, I don’t think it is right for them to ban us from doing these races, we have to keep sponsors happy and our fans, they like to see us at these races.

Mick Hannah: I think it’s a control thing. I’ve heard all the arguments about better insurance and all that. I think it’s a real shame when anyone in charge tries to limit us. They use us and our image to build their business and then try to stop us doing what we love.

George Brannigan: I don’t really have a clue how many because I don’t know which of the races that were doing are non-UCI sanctioned. I really can’t understand why the UCI have made that rule, it’s so pointless and it sucks because its so fun to go to a small local race back home and catch up with friends. Also for a young rider having any pro at the same race is a cool thing, I know it was for me when I was a grom.

Rachel Atherton on course for the overall again this year? Photo: Seb Schieck

Rachel Atherton: Non. i live for the UCI! It surprised me how many of the events actually are UCI sanctioned events anyway, whistler for example. I think it sucks that the UCI are not supporting Enduro and now they have missed the boat they are pissed at themselves because it is already a huge discipline. It’s a shame in that respect and a shame making it harder for some riders to compete in smaller events as well, maybe hindering grass roots, but on the other hand I can see the benefit if race organisers have to register with the uci then there is that uniform format throughout the races and it keeps things smoother maybe…? i don’t know…

Emmeline Ragot: I already did a couple of non UCI races and I think that I will probably do some more like two of the world cup enduro series, crankworx etc. I think that it’s a pity to try to stop people racing at the races that they want to compete in.

Myriam Nicole: I think 3 races, i really don’t get it, our sport is so small, if you start doing that kind of rules you can be sure it wont last for long… Such a shame!

Tracey Hannah: I’m not exactly sure which races are sanctioned but the most disappointing for me was not being able to go down to my local club and race for fun on the weekend with my friends.

Emilie Siegenthaler: I don’t know, not too many. As I said I have a lot to do with the studies so I just do some smaller races to be prepared for the world cup races. Not sure about enduro world series… we’ll see.


Danny Hart back from Injury this year. Photo: Victor Lucas
8: If dual slalom was introduced at every World Cup DH round, would you race it?


Aaron Gwin: If they made the courses right and made it worth it for the riders to race them I’d say I probably would. I don’t see that ever happening but we can always hope!

Greg Minnaar: Yip, definitely

Gee Atherton: I think I would; yes

Steve Smith: I love dual and would like to say yes but not sure because i wouldn’t want to do both half ass instead of putting 100% in to one. Fun Steve says yes!

Sam Hill: No. It’s so competitive now that I think it would be too hard to do 2 disciplines.

Josh Bryceland: Without a doubt. Slalom is such a cool discipline, it doesn’t take much work to have great racing but if there is effort put into track (sea otter) it’s just next level fun and excitement.

Brook Macdonald: I would race every single one would be so stoked to have dual slalom at WCS

Danny Hart: Hmmm this is a tough one, at this stage I would probably say no, because you have to be so on your A game for DH that you cant let anything slip, and Slalom can be a tiring time, if you are doing good it gets pretty hard work. DH is my main goal.

Mick Hannah:  That’s a hard one to answer. The level is so high and tight right now I think it would be hard to get the top guys to do both.

George Brannigan: Yea I for sure would as long as it stayed fun like 4X back in the days with all the dh boys racing.

Ragot Ragging. Photo: Victor Lucas

Rachel Atherton: Yes probably if it was AFTER the DH, because nothing is more important than the DH race and it would get in the way if it was the night before like 4x…

Emmeline Ragot: Yup maybe, because there is no direct fight like in 4x, it is just you and your bike and I feel there is a lot less chance to get hurt or get taken out by someone else in Slalom. So it could be good.

Myriam Nicole: Hell yeah!

Tracey Hannah: Nope! Don’t get me wrong, I love dual slalom, however my focus is downhill, thats what I’ve been working toward and I wouldn’t want anything to hinder my best ability on “race day”. If it wasn’t at a world cup and it was for fun I would race it for sure.

Emilie Siegenthaler: That would be cool! I just did one 4x race in my life but I really like to have fun on smaller bikes time to time. I think that would be great events and so much fun for racers and spectators. I don’t know if I would be prepared to do every round, it’s hard to be fit for Sunday’s downhill when you raced the night before. The schedule would have to be well made.


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