2009 UCI World Cup round #5 is at Maribor this weekend.

DirtTV will be all over it like a rash (not a swine flu type of rash but a kind of journalistic rash)

Stay tuned for the coverage which will start this Thursday.

In the mean time as a warm up teaser taster here's last years (2008) DirtTV video from Maribor. (Infact it was the first ever DirtTV episode).

Last years results were:

1 Sam Hill

2 Julien Camellini

3 Steve Peat

4 Fabien Barel

5 Greg Minnaar

Check the overall after Fort William here.

http://mpora.com/videos/7yIzZwlrC More Mountain Biking >>

The 2008 Maribor World Cup highlight video brought to you by DirtTV.

http://mpora.com/videos/DvsbSapbS More Mountain Biking >>

The 2008 4x track with Dan Atherton.

World Cup Maribor 2009 Preview with a 2008 video