We've jut spotted an awesome feature from results database and journalist cheat sheet, RootsandRain.com - the finish spread. No, nothing to do with Scandinavian margarine, but a representation of how your times compared to the other racers. Now you know what your four second deficit (or surplus if you're a flash Harry) looks like.

We thought the best use would be to look back at the World Cup season just gone and find out what the numbers on the time sheets look like in real terms. It's worth noting you can also use this for any race you've entered too as it's all done by some computer magic on the back end.

Other features that are quite cool are comparing between categories, so you can compare juniors and women for example, filtering by nationality or highlighting specific riders.

Let's get into it:




Source: https://www.rootsandrain.com/race4488/2017-apr-30-uci-world-cup-1-lourdes/finish-spread/ 

The year kicked off with the biggest winning margin of the year as Alexander Fayolle put more than three seconds into the rest of the field at a tempestuous opening round. Mark Wallace found a whisker over Marcelo Gutierrez. There was a scramble for the top ten from Payet down to Cabirou then another clear group taking the 17-22 spots.



Source: https://www.rootsandrain.com/race4488/2017-apr-30-uci-world-cup-1-lourdes/finish-spread/filters/racecats63578/show100/

Rach's final win in the streak was by two and a half seconds with Tahnee and Tracey separated by a whisker battling for second. Myriam Nicole's winning campaign kicked off with a fourth and Miller, Charre and Carpenter were left to fight for the final podium spot.

Fort William



Source: https://www.rootsandrain.com/race4489/2017-jun-4-uci-world-cup-2-fort-william/finish-spread/filters/racecats64766/show40/

The carnage of Fort William brought another clear win, this time for Greg Minnaar. Jack Moir shocked the world with his second place finish ahead of Gwin in third. It's tight in the trenches for the top nine with Mick Hannah rounding out the top ten but four seconds back.



Source: https://www.rootsandrain.com/race4489/2017-jun-4-uci-world-cup-2-fort-william/finish-spread/filters/racecats64767/show10/

Tracey stole the show at Fort Bill in Rachel's absence and set up one of the greatest women's title fights in recent memory.

Myriam Nicole was a solid second and Emilie Seigenthaler grabbed a career best third.




Source: https://www.rootsandrain.com/race4490/2017-jun-11-uci-world-cup-3-leogang/finish-spread/filters/racecats65080/show40/

Gwin kills it on one of his favourite tracks, a winning margin of 1.5 seconds is huge on the Austrian bike park. Vergier was all on his own in second and Minnaar leads home the pack. Again there's a definite cliff from the top 8 to the rest of the field.



Source: https://www.rootsandrain.com/race4490/2017-jun-11-uci-world-cup-3-leogang/finish-spread/filters/racecats65081/show10/

Seagrave leads out Hannah, Pompon and Carpenter. These four are battling hard and are distancing themselves from the rest of the field. Siegenthaler brings home the rest.



Brosnan and Minnaar battle it out in Andorra and end up separated by two tenths. It's also a real close battle for third but Danny Hart just prevails after a wild ride. There's a decent gap back to 5-10 and then again for the rest of the pack.



Nicole stamps her authority on Commencal's home race with a stunning ride to victory. Hannah has a nightmare and falls way back. Seagrave settles for second and in third it's not who you think but... Marine Cabirou.



A reverse of Vallnord as Minnaar just pips Brosnan. Hart is back firing again and sits comfortably in third. Two new podium faces as Laurie Greenland and Phil bloody Atwill make the grade.



Source: https://www.rootsandrain.com/race5870/2017-jul-9-uci-world-cup-5-lenzerheide/finish-spread/filters/racecats66196/show10/

Back-to-back wins for Nicole as Rachel Atherton comes charging back into contention. Another great result for Siegenthaler leaves Seagrave and Hannah fighting to get on the box.

Mont Sainte Anne



Source: https://www.rootsandrain.com/race4492/2017-aug-6-uci-world-cup-6-mont-sainte-anne-qc/finish-spread/filters/racecats67110/show40/

Wet weather masterclasses from Gwin and Hart see them snatch Lucas' glory at the last ditch. A topsy turvy race thanks the the late afternoon storm.



Source: https://www.rootsandrain.com/race4492/2017-aug-6-uci-world-cup-6-mont-sainte-anne-qc/finish-spread/filters/racecats67111/show10/

A six-second rout from Seagrave in Canada. Pompon and Hannah continue their title ding-dong. Carpenter doesn't make the trip to Canada and is conspicuous in her absence.

Val di Sole



Source: https://www.rootsandrain.com/race4493/2017-aug-26-uci-world-cup-7-val-di-sole/finish-spread/filters/racecats67773/show40/

Another Gwin masterclass as he clinches the title in Italy. Also a huge result for Pierron in second. The top six leave a clear gulf to the rest of the field.



Source: https://www.rootsandrain.com/race4493/2017-aug-26-uci-world-cup-7-val-di-sole/finish-spread/filters/racecats67772/show10/

Tahnee grabs her third win of the season but it's not enough to mount a title challenge as Nicole runs away with it. Hannah runs her close in third as Atherton and Italy's Farina round out the podium.

If you're a photographer or racer, we'd really recommend heading over to Roots and Rain and uploading or checking out any shots from races. There's always some bangers on there!