Today's Winter Digging comes from Dwayne Bell and the crew somwhere in Scotland.

Over the course of a few weekends a small group of us have been busy in a local wood. The trail started off quite open and flowing, incorporating a simple but fun section we had begun last year. When this crossed a ride in the wood we took the opportunity to start getting a bit steep and technical. Lots of tight corners around the trees and a bazillion roots have started showing their slippy selves, as the top soil is being ripped away. All that effing snow has melted leaving the trail very wet and at the minute it's as slippy as an eels tit. Fingers crossed for some dry and warm weather and some long summers days, maybe a fire up a bbq and enjoy a few trail side beers. Living the dream.

For anyone thinking about getting out and making some trail to rip up, our advice is get to it. It's been a great few weekends, riding is great but the actual digging is pretty cool too.