Part two escapes the muddy quagmire of these shores and jets off to the City of Petr├│polis in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Jony Anderson sent us in these shots of his great backyard track. This looks like a proper ghetto set up.

Jony explains what went on:

"In late August 2009, after finding that the dirtjumps of a friends was abandoned, I decided with the help of another friend to turn it into a pumptrack.

The work lasted a whole Saturday and Sunday, and I worked the 2 days, too, and received help from a friend at a time on Saturday and another for about two hours on Sunday.

After 2 days of rest, I could ride and get used to the track.

Our pumptrack is constantly reformed. Riding you always see things that do not work and should be improved.

Today we have a clue that a lot of fun to ride in all directions and switch lines and do some Tricks.

Have we managed to score a record 20 laps in quantity and speed, a turn in 10 seconds.

Practically the track was made by me and all the reforms that I suggest and start doing. Some friends sometimes help, but unfortunately not so rare they are willing to work.

Regardless, do the reforms with the greatest pleasure and ride forever, even if alone.


Jony "