Oh my giddy Aunt, is it really Winter Digging time already?

I know it's only Autumn but blimey, where did the Summer go? Still I like this time of year, the vegetation recedes like a middle aged hairline and new tracks can be created with or without a trip to the barbers, similar cutting tools can be used though but the last time I checked Toni and Guy didn't use mattocks or spades, though what with kids hairstyles today nothing would surprise me...where are we going with this? Oh yes...Winter Digging.

So first to remind me that it's Winter Digging season is Tom Laws who writes:

"The autumnal equinox has passed, and that surely means it's time to dust off the mattocks for some winter diggering. Martin at OneGiantLeap Llangollen has been at it again, working on "Badlands/Squirrel Track/Trac Wiwer", a whole new line down his awesome hill. A few of us have already put in hours of spine crushing work, and while there is a helluva lot still to do, the line is looking superb; steep without being a straight line and making far more of the hill. Keep an eye on Facebook for an official dig day in the near future."

Tom also beamed over this video from a digging session at Nant Gwrtheyrn.

http://mpora.com/videos/RVBJqTQCI MPORA Action Sports >>

Send your Winter Digging stories/photos/videos/clumps of earth/hairstyles to Billy and I'll try and post them up.