Todays Winter Digging photos come from the LPU trail somewhere in France and look pretty epic.

Corentin "Koko" Percier says:

"We organize the Breizh World Tour, similar to your King Of Dirt. 4 jams on 4 differents trails, BMX & MTB are welcome.

Dates are Noyal shore (22) May, 1st; Clohars (29) May 8th; St Avé / MDF trail May 22nd and the final St malo de guersac / LPU (44) May 29th. Pics are from the LPU trail where there will be the final!"


Breizh World Tour Saint Malo de Guersac 2009

Here's a video from the last jam in St Malo de Guersac, final last year. (Listen out for the great tune..."gimme your mouse baby???")