Tom Laws from North Wales sent us photos of his winter digging escapades (esca-spades?).

Top secret mind so don't go looking.

Over the Autumn I've been putting in the (snatched) hours after work with the mattock, cutting in an upliftable track 10 minutes from my house. We had a few good sessions on it before the Winter moved in, and are now eagerly anticipating the warmth of spring to get back on it.

Pics by Tom Laws and Sam Leach

The track is called "Closer" as for some reason my iPod kept playing that Kings of Leon song while I was out in the dusk conceptualising and walking the line. It's about 3 mins long, and pretty mellow for a North Wales track, but with a few hidden gems to keep it interesting. We ran it after my housewarming.

Those that were there will notice that my brother is rocking the shirt he was wearing (and not pulling in) the night before... pure class...

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