Winter Digging 2015: Grogley Trails

It might be bloody cold at the moment and the weather might be shite but over the last few months some of you have been sowing berm seeds ready for a riders blossom in spring. Grogley Trails are subjected to a moto enduro each year and to get the trails back into prime unpowered bike conditions Dom Pearce and the boys have been out in the short days getting the trails back up and running. We popped down to check these trails out recently so grab the latest copy of the mag for a run down of riding in the South West.

Here's the word from Dom, if you have any updates on your winter spade antics then fire them over to and we will post the best of what we get in.

Once a year we share our woods with a beast. The kind that chews up berms, spits them out and leaves fresh brown scars across the trails. Each winter our local woodland is host to a moto-enduro.

Riding into the woods at this time of year can feel like riding into a war zone with your years' worth of hard work sprayed 6 feet up the trunks of the trees and it can be hard to see past the carnage but as with many things, look deeper into the dirt and you'll find the sprouting seeds of new beginnings. While some lines have been torn up, when things dry out a little there's a wealth of potential waiting to be explored, linked together and sculpted into something fresh.