Okay, it's not quite Winter yet in the UK but it's still a good time to pick up the spade and do some digging.

Dirt reader Tom Austerberry has been doing just that with his mates and has put together a few lines.

This is what Tom says

With a dumper truck, soil, spades, and one big idea we set foot into nearly a week long solid building mission. Ideas were thought of, then disagreed with, so eventually we came to the conclusion thats we had built so many berms before that we couldn't be arsed to build anymore.

Our idea was simple, all we wanted was a row of relatively big fun jumps. In the end we had so much dirt spare we even built a second smaller set for my nine year old bro (who has a secret stash of his mags under his bed.)

We rode every morning on these jumps solidly for a week until we remembered a spare pile of dirt we had left over,so we got to work and finally put together a berm, but not a berm for the jumps, a berm for a pumptrack. Another few tiring days past and we ended up with two rows of jumps and a pretty fast pumptrack!!!


If you have got any Winter Digging projects, big or small, then send them into Billy and I'll post them up.