Currently (2007), more than 2.7 million people worldwide have a spinal injury. The Wings for Life private foundation is looking for a cure…

On Thursday 13 March 2008, Wings for Life will open an auction of 55 amazing sports and lifestyle memorabilia and experiences, on eBay, to raise funds for the privately funded, non-profit, Spinal Cord Research Foundation.

The auction will start on 13th March 2008 and will run for 17 days until 30th March 2008. Every single Euro that is raised will be used for research into finding a cure for spinal injury.

The once-in-a-lifetime auction will feature an astonishing list of sports memorabilia and experiences, including a replica of David Coulthard’s original ‘Faces for Charity’ Red Bull Racing Formula One car from the 2007 Grand Prix season (covered in the faces of British Formula One fans who donated to Wings for Life, for their spot on the car).

Wings for Life will also auction off Cyril Despres’ KTM bike from his second victory at the Dakar in 2007, a Red Bull Air Race Package with Mike Mangold, Robbie Naish’s kite surf equipment, WRC driver Carlos Sainz’s race suit, Michael Schumacher’s helmet, snowboarder Shaun White’s X –Games helmet, memorabilia from World Moto GP champions Nicky Hayden and Dani Pedrosa, a NASCAR driving experience with the Red Bull Racing team, as well as other items from skiing, B.A.S.E. jumping, skating and surfing legends. All of these items are original, signed and starting at just 1 Euro each!

Red Bull Racing Formula One team driver David Coulthard, said “Spinal cord injury is something that’s applicable not only to sports people, but to so many people in everyday life who have to sit in a wheelchair. A spinal injury completely changes the life they have and anything they can benefit from in that area is good. I hope the ‘Faces for Charity’ car will go for over 100,000 Euros. At the end of the day, it is a Formula One car.”


Category ITEM Athlete/Artist

Motorsports Article 1 F1 FFC David Coulthard

Article 2 original KTM Dakar Bike 2007 Cyril Despres

Article 11 Jersey & Picture (framed) Travis Pastrana

Article 21 Race Suit & Helmet (Motocross) Adam Raga

Article 22 Race Jacket & Helmet Rally Dakar 2007 Marc Coma

Article 23 Race Shirt & 2 Paddock Tickets for MX GP Jonathan Barragan

Article 24 Race Shirt, Gloves & Fleece Nani Roma

Article 26 F1 Race Suit Tonio Liuzzi

Article 27 Helmet, Team Shirt & Titan Exhaust Chris Möckli

Article 30 Helmet (Motorrad) Dani Pedrosa

Article 31 Helmet (Motorrad) Nicky Hayden

Article 32 Helmet (Motorrad) Mika Kallio

Article 33 DTM VIP Package AUDI Sport Team Martin Tomczyk

Article 34 VIP Package & World Champion Shirt Stefan Everts

Article 45 F1 Helmet Michael Schumacher

Article 46 F1 Race Suit Robert Doornbos

Article 47 Rally Race Suit & Helmet from VW Team Pilot Carlos Sainz

Article 49 Berlinale Helmet Til Schweiger, Tobias Wicke

Article 50 F1 Race Suit Scott Speed

Article 51 Race Suit from VW Team Pilot Mark Miller Mark Miller

Article 52 Drifting Day Rhys Millen

Article 53 Original KTM Super Moto Team Shirt Bernd Hiemer

Article 54 Race Suit from VW Team Pilot Giniel de Villiers Giniel de Villiers

Article 55 NASCAR Experience Red Bull Racing Team

Airborne Article 5 Red Bull Air Race Package for 2 PAX Mike Mangold

Article 6 Städte-Roundtrip with DC 6 /

Article 7 Städte-Roundtrip with B-25J /

Article 12 Picture & Jump Suit Felix Baumgartner

Article 15 Salzkammergut Flight & Flight Suit Hannes Arch

Article 18 Original Red Bull X-Alps Paraglider signed by A.Hofer

White Ride Article 28 Ski Helmet from Olympic Games 2006 Evelyne Leu

Article 29 Ice Axes & Helmet Urs Odematt

Article 36 HEAD Race Ski Hermann Maier

Article 37 FISCHER Expedition Ski Axel Naglich

Article 38 Ski Jumping Helmet Adam Malysz

Article 39 Ski Jumping Helmet Thomas Morgenstern

Article 40 X-Games 2008 Helmet Shaun White

Article 41 Ski Free ride Helmet & "Ski the 14ers" Chris Davenport

H2Ozone Article 4 Kite & Board Robby Naish

Article 14 Kite & Board Gisela Pulido

Article 20 Surf Equipment Jason Polakow

Article 43 Surfboard Sofia Mulanovich

Sports Various Article 3 Friendly Match FC Salzburg

Article 9 Helmet & Suit Speed Rekord Mäx Stöckl

Article 13 Icehockey Package EC Salzburg

Article 19 Bicycle Helmet & REEBOK Running Shoes Natascha Badmann

Article 25 AUTHOR-BMX Bike Frame & Jersey Michal Prokop

Article 42 PLAN B Skateboard Deck I Ryan Sheckler

Article 48 PLAN B Skateboard Deck II Ryan Sheckler

Art/Culture Article 8 Bronze Sculpture -Red Bull Dolomite Man Jos Pirkner

Article 10 Art Painting Ludwig Attersee

Article 17 Red Bull Event Car /

Article 16 Art Painting Gerald Herrmann

Article 35 "Ferrari" Painting Günther Edlinger

Article 44 "Smoke On" Painting Martin Sullivan

Wings for Life charity auction.