Phil Saxena has been building the World Cup 4x track in Windham, New York for the final round on 28th/29th August and just sent over a ton of photos of the track.

Here's what Phil had to say:

Just spent some time over in Windham New York working with Kyle Byrne from TREC and Mike Henry from Big Ring Inc, building the 4X track for the WC later this month. Here's a few photos to give you an idea of the track. First thing when looking at these photos is to ignore the hay and black silt fences all over the track. Windham is in the New York City water catchment area and there are strict rules on sediment control during any type of construction. Fences and hay will be gone for the race. The dirt is rocky clay and we've added some stone to some sections to keep the jumps working if there is bad weather during the race.

Track is 550m long with a 100m elevation drop and 12 corners. Start is on top of 2 shipping containers with a nice steep start ramp. Big open first corner with a couple of floaty doubles into a 2nd corner germ.

Track then drops into a big natural rock slab section that would look perfectly at home on any world cup DH track - think big slab drops and slick rock corners. There's a few more turns then more rock, some off camber, a flat loose corner, then a drop off into a step down from a container and triple step up onto another container. Step up into a flat corner / log step thing then 2 straights of big jumps to the finish. Sorry I don't have photos of the last 2 straights but the jumps are all 8 to 12m so you get the idea. There's also a chairlift for running directly over the track from top to bottom so no need to hang onto the back of a lurching truck to get back to the top.

I reckon it's a track for full suspension 4X bikes and I reckon you could even be quite competitive on a DH bike.