Talking about Speed Kings, I've got two DVDs sat on my desk that I will post to two lucky people.

All you have to do is tell me in 25 words or less why you deserve a copy and I'll pick the best two.


Tom Gulson, our work experience lad from last week, watched SpeedKings one lunch hour:

Here’s my review of the hotly anticipated Speed Kings film from Scott Marshall.

It didn’t disappoint.

When I saw the trailer it gave a very ‘Earthed’ feel to the film and although I think it couldn’t really be classed in the same category as the Earthed films (which are my all time favourites) it certainly is the closest anyone has got since then.

Tom watching SpeedKings

But this isn’t all Speed Kings is about, it has its own character and felt like a cross between Uprising and Earthed. It had a proper British feel to it and showcased the best British talent racing the World Champs, the World Cups (apart from Leogang) and some of the BDS rounds.

The riders included scenes with Steve Peat, Josh Bryceland, Sam Dale, Harry Heath, Scottish Ripper, Lewis Buchanan and Midlanders, Joe Smith and Matt Simmonds. There are a host of other riders along the way but these scenes were the ones that stuck out for me and showcased what we have in the U.K, we really do have some of the fastest and it seems with this our reputation as being one of the fastest nations will remain strong for the future thanks to these guys.

When they weren’t racing Scott Marshall captured riders mucking about in their local woods, all these places weren’t World Cup tracks, but they made the most of it and showed why we ride.

In danger of getting too philosophical here I will wrap it up. For Marshall’s first film it definitely is promising. A cracking soundtrack and some really good shots combine to make you want to grab your bike and go ride, which is what these films are all about at the end of the day. My recommendation is go buy it and then go play in the woods.

If you have been living in another world for some time here is a chance to see the trailer again, just to whet the appetite.

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Speed Kings Trailer.