A money can't buy prize up for grabs here!

(Well maybe a four pack of Brains Mild, a multi-pack of Monster Munch and a boxset of Pobol y Cwm might clinch the deal.)


We promise you won't actually have to dig any actual trails before you ride, you'll just win a fantastic day riding and coaching with top Welshy Rowan "Bryn" Sorrell.

All you've got to do is click this Facebook link and like the page. Easy.

Cognation, the people building the new trails in South Wales, have teamed up with champion mountain biker and trail builder Rowan Sorrell to offer a unique prize to one lucky winner. You could spend the day either getting some one-on-one coaching with Rowan or just get him to ride with you on some of the trails he's built. This prize is suitable for any rider and will be tailored to your experience. The rider must be over 18 and be able to get to one of Cognation's trails in South Wales.

Here's a serious clip of Bryn and his rigorous training schedule from a while ago.