Dirt 137 has hit the shelves this week (subscribers and bike shops should already have their copies) and we've teamed up with Airace to give you the chance to win 1 of 3 awesome track pumps! Who doesn't need a new trackpump?!

It's pretty easy to enter too. All you have to do is grab yourself this month's issue and flick to page 118 and scan through the classified adverts to find the jumbled up letters. Find all the letters, work out the word that they spell and enter said word below. Simple!

Don't forget that the closing date is 20th July 12pm!

And it's not just one prize - oh no! 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes are up for grabs here.

1st: Veloce Aluminium - New for 2013

• High polish alumnium floor pump

• Alum handle & barrel

• Alum die-casting base

• Thumb-Lock Clever-Twin-Valve with air-bleeder

• Fit for Schrader, Presta, Dunlop & E/V

• Presta is secure-sealed and won’t pop out till 240 psi

• Easy engaged

• After operating, Presta valve won’t be separated when the pump head leaves the bike

• 2.5" gauge

• Max. pressure 240psi (16.5 bar)


2nd price: Hercules DG

• Dynamic LCD digital gauge display

• A 6063 aluminium barrel with an anodised sleeve, two-tone handle

• Aluminium base and twin-valve pump head with an air-release button

• 240 psi MAX pressure (16.5 bar)

• Air bleeder button for 2-3 psi fine air pressure control



3rd prize: Infinity AS

• Integrated shock valve for MTB air forks and shocks.

• Its aluminium barrel and base form a stable design where the weight is concentrated     towards the ground.

• 300 psi MAX pressure

• Upgrade to an integrated shock

• Upgrade to a braided steel hose

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