Monmouth local slacker Jonny The Hose (remember him from the start of this video here?) is sat in a hotel room in Cusco high on cocoa leaves and about to race the Peru Megavalanche this weekend.

We we're hoping for some photos and video but if you read his updates below that he somehow managed to text me, it looks like he's having technical trouble.

Keep watching for more updates:

Update 1: We flew into Lima airport late last night we are in our hotel waiting to be collected and taken back to the airport to fly to Cusco it is 5.00am here, we're feeling the effects of yesterdays 16 hour flight and a couple of steadyers. Thought you might like a nice piccy of cusco out the guide book. Let me know if you get it all.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Laters Jonny

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Update 2: Someones chucked a banana in the works and squished the satsuma

Cant get the hotels wifi to work yet so no piccies yet. That said we haven´t been anywhere near any biketracks yet. All the action starts tomorrow.

We´ve been swaning around Machu Pichu today. Blazing sunshine and all burnt to shrivelled prunes in true Brit style, but a truely amazing place.

Far too many cusquenas with a bunch of kiwis and haven´t got the shits yet, so things going great! only a matter of time though

Hopefully some news for you tomorrow

Update 3:

Having immense trouble here with wifi connections. For some reason my phone wont connect to the hotels wifi link, it finds the network but will not connect andkeeps saying unable to find IP address - any ideas?

Update 4: Pretty beat up at the moment- proper big riding

Had a top day yesterday, we did a bit of a tour of local 30 minute dh tracks - all types of terrain, conditions and weather- but I cant send you any piccies ,we will resolve this hitch.

In the afternoon it was off to the race track for the first taste of Megavalanche Peru style.

Lets just say its a mans track - technical, fast, wet, rocky and an total lakedistrict swamp at the top.

If I get the headcam running it will act more like a periscope than a camera as I surf my way down - we nearly lost someone yesterday in the slime, his front wheel was burried up to the tyre and he was up to his knees digging it out.

Anyhows its time for some brekky- probly about time you lot were cooched up in coffee#1

Update 4: Problem solved

The hotel fruitbowl doesn´t include blackberries.

I need to find another orchard.

Update 5: I´ll try and send some photos through the day and some speak in the evening.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia
Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Jonesy did this race back in June 2006. If you dig out Dirt#57 you can read all about it and find out what's in store for Jonny The Hose.

Jon everett races the peru megavalanche in 2009