The crew are back on it for another year. Check out their 'sort of' press release for the full low down:

Big news happens all the time, right?

today the big news according to my personal choice of newspaper is that Prince Charles wore a Bowler hat and that some slutty heiress is pretending to be a nun but not for a blue movie this time.

yesterday the big news was that a tiny Spaniard flipped off Superman and a rather boring Englishman fell down a muddy hillside faster than anyone else.

well you guys job is to be ahead of the news, right? well heres a tip, this weekend the Whistler Bike Park reopens for another summer of chainless A-Line racing and Beef Dip sandwiches on the patio of the GLC.

Not such big news is that the team of illiterate cynics at www.whistlerdiaries team have escaped from their winter hiberation and are currently gearing up for the weekend. some will be actually riding there, others will be watching from the sidelines, but none the less there will be plenty of rubbish reportage, bad grammar, and even most spelling up on the site throughout the weekend if you can't make the opening weekend at Whistler.

Really we are asking whether you would like to place a post up regarding the opening weekend of on your much better website.

Seb, Adam, Carlos, Jamie, Ben and the 'special' kids at

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia