The absolutely awesome Crankworx Whip Off Worlds went down on the Crabapple Hits at Whistler this afternoon!

It was like a bloody festival up on the hill, hundreds of insane fans, blue skies, searing temperatures, Guns and Roses cranking out of the stereo and some of the sickest whips this side of an S&M dungeon. Honestly you need to see those jumps in the flesh to appreciate their size, they are huuuuuge! Big respect to all the Whip masters for sending the sleds sideways today and old dog Sven Martin for organising the show!

I think Tyler McCaul took the win from Thomas Vanderham and Brendan Fairclough, will bring you the official word soon.

1 - Tyler McCaul

2 - Thomas Vanderham

3 - Cam Zink and Brendan Fairclough (best Overall Lines)

Lowest Whip / Scrub - Ian Morrison

Best Whip not brought back - Bernard Kerr

Best Female - Lorraine Blancher

Anyway have a gander at this cut and shut ghetto edit which should get the juices flowing for the epic Parkin Bros edit coming soon!

WHISTLER, BC August 14, 2012 – An exciting new addition to Crankworx Whistler’s event calendar is the Un Official Whip Off World Championships. The event took place on the Whistler Mountain Bike Park’s gigantic Crabapple Hits. There are no rules in this event; the biggest, most stylish whip takes home the $1,000 cash prize and American Tyler McCaul was the man to do it today.

“I learned how to do whips by watching Thomas Vanderham’s video parts in New World Disorder so it was cool that we were together in the finals," says McCaul. “I was in my comfort zone all day and then on the last run I got out of my comfort zone, got real sideways and luckily it straightened out so I could ride away."

Thomas Vanderham pulled the second best whip, MVP went to Brendan Fairclough and Cam Zink got an honourable mention. The “best whip not brought back" was Bernard Kerr and on the women’s side Lorraine Brancher came away with kudos. Other titles included in the grassroots event was “best AM whip" pulled by Chris Young, highest air to Jamie Goldman and “best scrub" to Ian Morrison.

Riders were inspired by the perfect line of Crabapple Hits booters and were pulling tricks beyond the whip including a flip by Nicola Pascetto and Andreu Lacondeguy’s huge superman.

The event was developed by Sven Martin, a mountain bike photographer who knows his whips. The whip is a revered move inspired by moto where the rider airs and throws the rear of the bike to one side; getting the bike flat, sideways and dragged out earns major style points.