Red Bull Rampage is done for another year and the level was taken up once again. Don't believe us? Just check out the top three runs here:

Brandon Semenuk (84.33)

Semenuk needed only one run to secure his second Red Bull Rampage crown and here it is. He popped a back flip one foot can and a step up 360 to claim the top spot and end his eight year drought. Obviously it was completed with his usual fluidity and style, a run for the ages and probably one of the best ever. The crazy thing is, he reckons this is only a "ninety per cent" effort.

Antoine Bizet (81.00)

Antoine Bizet landed the first double backflip in Rampage history to take second spot. He did have a second run but the deteriorating conditions meant he was unable to improve on this run. With two second places under his belt, Bizet has proven he's no flash in the pan and will be hunting for wins in future.

 Carson Storch (79.00)

Storch claimed third place and the Best Trick prize with this run.