Alexis Delgado, Cyril Brastaad, Fabien Cousinie, Maxime Audoin and a Basque Shepard Shaper blast out some super inspiring four-up French train action in what looks like some absolutely epic trails.

Filmed and edited by Romain Decomble and Damien Vergez.

Fabien says: "This year the MOREWOOD UNITED team put lot of effort trying to produce cool videos with the help of Romain Decomble and Damien Vergez. Last week-end Damien and Romain , 3 young freeriders and i have done a video for a french video contest.

This video was filmed is South West of france, not even 30 minutes from the famous city Biarritz in the area where most of the best surf spot are. But now we also have to say where one of the best french MTB trails is... After spending this week-end riding and filming i just remember why fall is my favorite season, the rush of the world cup is over , the weather is still pretty nice , the tourists are gone home ;-), surfing is getting good and this is the time where i can catch up with buddy..."

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