The urban downhill race is becoming as common as the urban fox these days, this Chillean race look kind of foxy.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Our man on the scene Eduardo said:

"Last Sunday was the Valparaiso race, It looks like it was wicked again, the race thas was very good, tons, of people and good riders and that the track was pretty difficult and long.

Our Chilean best rider Antonio Leiva (2007 UCI rank #21) won the race for a good margin of 4sec to the 2 nd Chilean ranked Mauricio Acuña

Brendan had bad luck with flat tires, my friend told me that he pull the bike to high in that jump and when he landed he bottom both suspensions and get rear flat tire…"


1 OLIVEIRA Luana BRA 3:24.34

2 GATTO Micayla CAN + 0:01.79

3 MARGGRAFF Diana ECU + 0:02.98

4 MIRANDA Veronica CHI + 0:24.33


1 LEIVA Antonio CHI 2:40.10

2 ACUÑA Mauricio CHI + 0:04:88

3 SMITH Steve CAN + 0:10.84

4 FERREIRA Pedro CHI + 0:10.91

5 VASQUEZ Sebastian CHI + 0:11:75