Day three on the Urge Cabo Verde expedition and we finally get a glimpse of one of the volcanos that the team will be racing down and she looks a beauty!

Check out the video for Tracy Moseley's first impressions.


No internet connection at all from the volcano so the “Sven Martin’s Photo Journal" will resume tomorrow…

Wednesday the 9th of February: after a first night in the middle of the caldeira of Fogo, the riders hoped on their bikes for a training and “getting-used-to-the-terrain" day.

First falls, first fears: the terrain won’t be easy to deal with…

General moral is up, the surroundings are magnificent. Around 10am, the morning mist disappeared and the sun is right on time.

Our base camp in the crater is a guest house cut in the lava in the middle of vineyards that grow on the caldeira… yes, it’s to be known that here they produce “volcano wine"…

During the evening, the draw of the starting position for the first run this Thursday has been done.

Starting position Urge Run 1 :

1 -Anka Martin (Santa Cruz - Sram) - RSO/USA

2 - Mark Weir (WTB - Fox Racing Shox) – USA

3 - Samuel Normand (Lol Racing - Yeti) - France (non-pro)

4 - Greg Doucende (Performance Parts - Trek) - France

5 - Nicolas Vouilloz (Lapierre) – France

6 - Rowan Sorrell (Orange - Mojo) - Wales/UK

7 - Hans Rey (GT Bicycles - Adidas) – USA

8 - Marco Nicoletti (Niner) - Italy

9 - Dorothea Lindtke (Rocky Mountain - Brake Authority) - Germany (non-pro)

10 - Tracy Moseley (Trek World Racing - Osprey) - UK

11 - Sabrina Jonnier (Groupama - Punch Power) - France

12 - Jérôme Clementz (Cannondale - Mavic) - France

13 - René Wildhaber (Trek - Dakine) – Switzerland

14 - Sam Peridy (Scott) - France

15 - Fabien Barel (Mondraker) - France

Thursday the 10th of February: nice atmosphere for breakfast but the riders are already concentrated… at 8am (local time), they’ll start walking with their bikes on the back for a really steep climb towards the volcano dome, going up from 1800 to 2800m high, on the top of the peaks.

About 2 to 3 hours climbing planned before the start of the first run that will take them down close to the sea with a lava section, then a bit of track to go through a village and a final dive in a singletrack in the jungle!

Photographer Sven Martin has just texted these top 8 results from the volcano run, times were around the 35minute mark.

1. Jérôme Clementz

2. Nico Vouilloz

3. René Wildhaber

4. Fabien Barel

5. Mark Weir

6. Greg Doucende

7. Rowan Sorrell

8. Tracy Moseley

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