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Urge Cabo Verde-Confirmed riders so far

Nico Vouilloz, Sabrina Jonnier, Tracy Moseley, Hans Rey, Sam Peridy and Mark Weir have all been confirmed to race the Urge Cabo Verde.

This event off the West Coast of Africa will be the third Fabien Barel Invitational, after Kenya and Nepal.

Ten to fifteen pro-riders will travel to the Cabo Verde archipelago on the 28th of January and be joined by two lucky amateur riders, one guy and one girl who have been selected among 450 riders coming from 10 different countries.

The main part of the adventure will take place on two different islands : Fogo, an active volcano and Santo Antao, the mountainous part of the archipelago.

Sabrina Jonnier (Rocky Mountain – Punch Power) – France : Officially confirmed !

> Sabrina, in Nepal last year you were the first female to take part in an Urge Event, was it a good experience? Is it why you quickly said yes once again this year?

S.J : Totally, Urge Nepal was exceptional and I’m in again without a doubt for Cape Verde!

> The trend you started seems to develop as there will be several female riders this year on the Urge Cabo Verde, that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

S.J : It’s brilliant to see more girls really motivated for this Urge Event. We deserve our place as much as the boys and it’s good to show it!

> What especially motivates you with the Urge Event concept ?

S.J : the humanitarian side and the adventure. To help people in the need while discovering new cultures and new landscapes, on your bike, it’s just amazing!

> Do you know Cape Verde ?

S.J : I’ve never been there, but the searches I did make me dream about it…

> And this year, what bike are you going to ride ?

S.J : Looking at the course this time, I’ll be riding the Rocky Mountain Slayer

Hans Rey (GT Bicycles & Adidas) – USA : Officially confirmed !

> Hans, can you tell me what motivation you find on this adventure of Urge Cabo Verde ?

H.R : Its sounds like a very fun event and destination. I know the guys from URGE have made some great expeditions in the past, I always wanted to join them, since their trip remind me of my adventure trips. The event sounds like a fun mix between riding, racing, culture, advocacy, and rubbing elbows with some of the best riders in the world.

> You ride all around the world… Have you ever rode in Cabo Verde ? Do you know this archipelago ?

H.R : I have never been to Cape Verde, although I had researched it in the past. It was always on my “list to do rides”. I’m looking forward to explore the islands.

> What’s the most important for you in this event : the race, the adventure with other riders or the human side and the fact that MTB can give a little help for childrens there ?

H.R : I think its the combination of things, the race is for me secondary, but I won’t make it too easy for the other riders to pass me.

> Do you already know the type of machine you’ll take ?

H.R : I will likely bring my GT Carbon Force All Mountain Bike (160mm)

> One word to say to the other riders ?

H.R : “Stoked”

Sam Peridy (Scott) – France : Officially confirmed !

> Sam, you’re amongst the legends of the urge Events. To be there for the third edition is an obvious decision for you?

S.P : Definitely, it’s an obvious choice, even if I wasn’t 100% sure to take part, as it’s up to Fabien and Fred to decide who will come and who won’t.
I might not be able to come every year, but every time I can, I’ll do it because for me it becomes more than just a race.
I can even say that the day I’m not selected – and not doubt that day will come – it’ll be a difficult test to pass, event more difficult than the climbs we had to do until now.

> You gave your OK even before you knew where the event would take place. Would you go anywhere in the world?

S.P : Yes, anywhere, because the globe is that big and the mountains so different that I’m not going to live long enough to see and ride them all.
But at the end of the day, the most important thing is not the mountains or the landscapes we see, but what we can offer over there and the unforgettable smile of these kids we meet. That’s the real privilege of the Urge Event.

> What’s important for you in a Urge Event ?

S.P : As I was saying, it’s to find the real sense in what we’re doing, and I think I found them in the Urge Events. I know some would say that the race is only for Elite riders who will enjoy a good ride in a poor country. Ok, but that’s only people talking who don’t move their a… from the sofa. I’m talking about real facts, actions we took, experience we lived, and for that, as long as you don’t go there and live it for yourself, you can’t really understand.

> And for this year, have you already decided what bike you’ll be riding ?

S.P : We don’t change a winning team. So once more, I’ll be using my very good partners Scoot, Mavic and Sram.
For this year, I’ll be very lucky as Scott is launching for 2011 a brand new model, the Scott Genius LT, a long travel carbon rig with 180mm travel, ultra light, that won’t weight over 13 kilos, exactly what you need for this kind of event.

> Can we count on you once again for a special “Scott Urge Cabo Verde” to be sold at auctions after the race?

S.P : Ah yes, nothing I can hide! Yes, there’ll be a special edition at auctions after the race. But we try to keep the secret for the design. The only thing I can say is that you’ll be able to notice it, take Samos’ word for that!

Nicolas Vouilloz (Lapierre) – France : Officially confirmed !

> Nico, third Urge Event trip for you, what made you decide to go for it once again ?

N.V : the concept is really cool, it’s a race like no other, with at the end the satisfaction to help at our level these underdeveloped countries.

> In Kenya, you finished 2nd, in Nepal you finished 2nd… in Cape Verde you are going to win ?

N.V : In Cape Verde, I’ll finish 2nd…just like the old saying!!!

> More seriously, is the racing side important on this event or is it not the first objective ?

N.V : We’re not in a racing atmosphere, it’s really friendly ! Plus, it’s a real battle to reach the summit (not even mentioning being fresh), there’s a lot of improvisation and the track is not secured… So at the end, we’re racing without the impression to race… and to finish 1st, 2nd, 5th… it doesn’t mean much compare to the cause…

> With the other riders, you were able to collect twice as much money for the charity in 2010 than in 2009. For you, is it important to witness the results of your involvement translated into real actions for children?

N.V : I really liked the ad about where it stands, what has been done… it’s really important because usually, when you give money to charity, you never know if it’s useful or not at the end.

> Have you already decided on what bike you’ll be riding in Cape Verde ?

N.V : I haven’t talked to Fab to know how it is over there!… but it’ll be a Lapierre for sure!

Tracy Moseley (Trek World Racing) – UK : Officially confirmed !

> Tracy, wellcome on board on this Urge Cabo Verde, happy to be an actris of the adventure ?

T.M : I am really excited to be part of Urge Cabo Verde, having been a team mate of Fabien for many years I have watched the last two Urge adventures and I am excited to finally be able to be part of this one.

> Do you already know Cabo Verde, do you think it will be a great place to ride ?

T.M : I had never even heard of the Cabo Verde, but having now learnt a little about it, it’s really exciting to visit a beautiful place like this on our bikes.

> Last year in Nepal, Sabrina Jonnier was the only feminine. This year, girls will be 4 or 5, you think it’s a good evolution in the Urge Events ?

T.M : Yeah its great that more girls are going to be taking part in this years event. It will be a good time and good representation for all the girls out there riding.

> Do you plan plan to make a special training for this special race ?

T.M : I don’t plan to do any specific training as I think my training for the cape epic and general downhill training will be perfect for this event !

> Do you already know what bike you’ll gonna ride ?

T.M : I’ll be riding a Trek Remedy

Mark Weir (WTB-Fox Racing Shox) – USA : Officially confirmed !

> Mark after the Urge Kenya in 2009, welcome back on the Urge Cabo Verde ! Happy to be again one actor of those adventures ?

M.W : I’m looking forward to the adventures and glad that I could be apart of this great reason for riding my bike.

> In Kenya, your bike had been lost in transports… this year, you’ve already choosen the bike you gonna take ?

M.W : I did loose my bike for Kenya and it is always hard to ride someone else bike that is not your own. Fred was nice enough to let me use his and I am very thankful. It was much better than running the course on foot.

> You’ll represent USA in this adventure, hard challenge.

M.W : Not hard. it just means I’m not expected to win. In these style of events the USA will always be the under dog. Being the under dog is something I’m use too. I will represent with a smile.

> Have you ever ride on volcano like Fogo

M.W : This will be a chance of life time for me and I’m excited to ride this moon like land scape.

> What is your feeling about the humanitarian actions include in the event ? Is it important for you that MTB begin to give his little contribution to people living in the countries you ride ?

M.W : It feels much better knowing that our hard efforts on the bike are not always a solo score. To help others while helping your own soul is a win win situations. I’m happy to help and happy to be given the opportunity to help.

Cabo Verde is here…

…and looks something like this.

More info on the www.urgecaboverde.com page.


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