Just had a quick ebeam from Tally to tell us that the uplift service at Innerleithen is up and running again, which is good news. You can get in touch with him on 07709144299.


Here's what he had to say;

After long negotiations Uplift Scotland has been granted permission to run mountain bike uplifts on the legendary Innerleithen hill, this means all the downhill and freeride trails are open to ride without having to push to the top!

Tally (of Ae-up fame) will be running a bus based uplift service from the car park at the bottom of the trails, no more riding the 2 miles along the road! Tally has tried to keep the costs as low as possible to give you all value for money. Running two fifty seat coaches along with two cattle trucks you will get 8 runs for £30 per day with the first uplift leaving dead on 9am. All the safety gates that are across the trails will be open on all uplift weekends allowing you to do full runs.

This is the first stage towards the infamous Inners chair lift, if Tally can prove there is sufficient demand by developing the vehicle based uplift then there is the potential for the chairlift to be installed. So if you like the sound of a weekends riding without all the pushing check www.upliftscotland.com for the dates and details and to book ring Tally on 07709144299.

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