We've had an update on Bruni's training crash from earlier in the season and it's not good news. The Frenchman is healing well but not fast enough, meaning he's set to miss the Lenzerheide World Cup on July 10.

Bruni had initially only hoped to miss Fort William and Leogang but he posted on social media today that doctor's have advised him to take another three weeks off before he gets back on the downhill bike.

Bruni said: "My reaction when the Doc says 'Yeah it's good you can start riding downhill again in another 3 weeks'... Got my X rays today and it's healing, but not quickly."


Bruni picked up his injury while on a training enduro ride between World Cups in France. Reports suggest it was a bit of a horror crash and he was lucky to escape with a broken collar bone and a concussion.

The crash couldn't have come at a worse time for Bruni as he had just won his first ever World Cup in Cairns. Bruni will hopefully be back on the bike before round six in Mont Sainte Anne at the start of August but with his overall challenge subsided his main goal will surely be defending the Rainbow Jersey at the World Championships in Val di Sole, Italy.