This weekend at Mynydd Du in South Wales 14 (at the last count) hardtailers will take to the hill in an epic battle to fight out the 2008 National Hardtail Championship. The 14 (at the last count) warriors will take on the mighty beast that is the Mynydd Du track, some will fall at the wayside, some won't even make the start line, some will make the start line then pull out at the very last minute due to nerves, but one rider will not only make the start line...he will win.

The 2007 champion Nathan Ball (out with two broken wrists) will be in attendance to hand over the much coveted "denim jacket".

Who will win this mythical jacket? Will it still be as clean as this?

One of the warriors below will be this years Hardtail Champ, who will it be? Place your bets now.

1 178 Lewis Bateman

2 44 Ashley Evans

3 695 Sy Finch

4 469 Tim Grant

5 57 Oliver Gregory

6 645 Lee Hamer

7 853 Lee Huskinson

8 594 Ben Irons

9 72 Ryan Lewis

10 33 Jake Mckenna

11 627 Derek Pinkett

12 482 Billy Thackray

13 632 Lewis Warrington

14 61 Iain Woodley

If you want to go along and watch the epic battle unfold (there's also the Welsh Championships on aswell) then check out Dragon Downhill for directions and all that.

Riding a hardtail down Mynydd Du is a bit like this

Unofficial-covert-underground Hardtail National Champs