Hi everyone, my name is John Lee and I would like to introduce to you my team, the FiveTwo Race Team.

Our aim in 2010/2011 is to show the world the story of a grassroot/national race team attempting to make the next step up in the coming season. Following in the footsteps of the Atherton project and Trek world racing In Pursuit - we hope that this video series has a similar effect to these great series, however we want to show the story of normal, working, studying, still in school people.

The Underdog Project will show everyone the reality of being a normal person trying to make their mark on the race scene.

BMX, DH, 4X and XC - FiveTwo Race Team do it all!

Episode 1 is three days of the team in the Lake District - Our team meet up every two months for a weekend of training and hanging out. We try and mix up the weekends with demos, sponsor meetings, a lot of varied riding and some fun thrown in too. Unfortunately three of our riders couldn't attend the trip due to numerous reasons, but expect them all to be in episode 2 in January 2011.

The team would like to say a huge thanks to all who helped point cameras for us and also to Ian Harvey for the editing.

Enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

Follow us online at fivetworaceteam.weebly.com

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