Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Just got the 2009 calender through from the UK Bike Park down Dorset way. DH, 4x, uplift, camping, the place has it all.

For more info and to enter check the UK Bike Park website here.

2009 Dates:

Feb 8th - 4X Race

Feb 22nd - DH Race no uplift

March 1st - Uplift

March 15th - Uplift

March 20/21/22nd - BUCS champs with camping

April 4/5th - Rd1 DH Race with uplift & camping

April 10/11/12/13th - Mini uplift & camping weekend

April 26th - Rd1 4X Race with camping

May 2/3rd - Rd2 DH race with uplift & camping

May 17th - Rd2 4X race with camping

May 30/31st - Rd3 DH race with uplift & camping

June 21st - Uplift

June 27/28th - Rd4 DH race with uplift & camping

July 19th - Uplift

July 26th - Rd3 4X race with camping

August 2nd - Uplift

August 23 - Rd4 4X race with camping

Sept 6th - Uplift

Sept 20th - Uplift

Sept 26/27th - Rd5 DH race with uplift & camping

Oct 11th - Urban race (Not at the UkBikepark!)

Oct 25th - Uplift

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UK downhill moutain bike and 4x plus uplift at the UK BIKE PARK DATES