Good news for now as the UCI re-think the strict enforcement of rule 1.2.019.

A quick heads up (more in depth later, promise, just got to nip home for tea, sausage and chips, no pud), on the rule which basically stated that a licensed rider could not compete in unsanctioned events, without facing a hefty fine (50-100 Swiss francs, about 70 quid tops).

They haven't scraped the rule entirely though, just a rethink.

The UCI listened to the feedback from the various groups involved and who feel affected by a strict and immediate enforcement of rule 1.2.019 and its associated sanctions. The UCI has decided to postpone strict enforcement of rule 1.2.019 in 2013 with the expectation that all stakeholders (National Federations, race directors, teams and riders) will discuss and do what is necessary to prepare for the rules full enforcement in 2014.

UCI Statement.

The British Cycling spokesman is on holiday at the moment, not sure where but that's probably not important, but we'll get his thoughts when he returns. In the meantime BC issued this statement.

For now, and until further notice, we would simply ask you to do as you have done previously in terms of your event participation.

It is, however, worth noting that liability insurance and legal support for British Cycling Race Gold and Race Silver members applies to participation in competitive events which are registered with British Cycling or an organization which we recognise, plus non competitive events, social and leisure riding.

British Cycling statement.