Okay we might be talking alot about MX bikes these days, but here is some serious news.

You might have heard that there was a horrific pile up at the Weston Beach Race last weekend. The race was stopped and a number of riders taken to hospital, I've just read over on Motomagazine that one of the seriously injured riders was Ty Kellett.

The older riders among you will probably have heard of his dad, Nibs Kellett, who raced downhill for years (I even bought my first downhill bike off  him) and always took his sons along Todd and Ty.

Ty looked like he had a promising career in downhill racing until he switched to motocross a number of years ago, I mean he's only 16 now.

After the accident Ty was taken to Weston General Hospital but later moved to Bristol’s Frenchay Hospital where he was operated on but still remains unconscious.

All our thoughts at Dirt are with Ty's family and friends and hope for a full recovery.

Ty Kellet. Photo:Ray Chuss

Photo:Ray Chuss