This short film was shot by Darcy Turenne over one week as part of the Scandinavian Video Challenge. It focuses on Photographer Mattias Fredriksson as he shots with his good friend Janne Tjärnström in Åre, Sweden. It gives us a glimpse behind the lens of one of the leading action sports photographers and how he interacts with  his favorite model and good friend.

The cinematography of this film is incredible with some breathtaking scenes and was awarded the best cinematography in the video challenge. Darcy also captures the great chemistry between old friends Mattias and Janne and they explain how they keep getting amazing photographs after working together for 15 years.

The Moments Between is a mini-doc featuring action sports photographer Mattias Fredriksson and his good friend Janne Tjärnström.

It was shot in Åre, Sweden over one week as part of the Scandinavian Video Challenge, and won Best Cinematography, as well as runner up for best film.

Thanks to the Åre Bergscyklister for putting on such an amazing event!