The world's gone custom bike mad! First Steve Peat showed off his cow print frame and now Troy Brosnan has unveiled a psychedelic space themed frame.

This is Brosnan's third custom frame of the year after he rode a red and black Demo in Lourdes and Cairns and a hot pink one at Fort William and Leogang.

Brosnan posted the new bike on Instagram with the caption: "So stoked on how my new bike has beenĀ #maderadbytony! It's going to 'stump' everyone on the course!"

We love the stealthy black paint with the nebula-style details and, of course, purple pedals are always a good look! At the moment this Instagram is all we have but we'll try and get some better photos of it in action at Lenzerheide.

It looks like we could be in for some custom kit as well as Brosnan had previously posted a helmet in a similar style as well: