Flat pedals win... timed training at any rate. It seems the switch away from clipless suited Troy Brosnan out on the hill today as he put down a storming run in Leogang. He was four and a half seconds quicker than Remi Thirion with young Brit, Mike Jones, in third.

The women's training was won by Tracey Hannah, who pulled out over a second on Manon Carpenter. Frenchwoman Marine Caribou was in third.

As always this means (virtually) nothing, with big names like Rachel Atherton and Aaron Gwin keeping their powder dry, but it's interesting to see who's up to pace early in the weekend in challenging conditions.

Provisional results are below with full results to follow

Timed training Men's results

Troy Brosnan - 3:29.175

Remi Thirion -  3:33.644

Mike Jones - 3:34.045

Mick Hannah - 3:35.006

Marcelo Gutierrez Villegas - 3:35.150

Men's Timed Training Results Leognang

Timed Training women's results

Tracey Hannah - 4:14.698

Manon Carpenter - 4:16.007

Marine Caribou - 4:35.535

Eleonora Farina - 4:39.159

Morgane Charre - 4:41.583

Women's Timed Training Leogang

Junior timed training results

Junior Timed Training Results Leogang