Vittorio from TriRide has unleashed his South African masterpiece. Banger! More Mountain Biking Videos

Speed, the determining factor in downhill racing. To be first at the end of the race you have to be faster than everyone else. Speed, however, can be viewed under different points of view, from different perspectives. To have the fastest overall speed is certainly a good starting point to win but it is not all, you have to also be the one fastest on average to win, you have to be fast. This is exactly what Greg Minaar has managed to do pulling together a race with an absolutely impressive progression. This year TriRide will try to tell you all about speed from all the different aspects at every event of the World Cup. We start with this Velocity.ZERO, the first experiment of this season that is Devoted to the search of speed.

Pietermaritzburg is a very difficult track to film, there are not particularly interesting places, the riders don't train too much and the logistics are difficult because of the lack of cableway. Because of this you are always on the run, you have no time for anything and the little you have you spend rushing around. Just like the riders, the video makers are also running at full speed in South Africa.

Velocity.ZERO is a full immersion in the mix, from within the race, from the centre of the action. All this to tell you the story of the epic race run with which Minaar has already written a great chapter of the story of this sport.