Trek World Racing rider Neko Mulally has been out in Spain with the team shredding the local hills, Rob Parkin captured all the action on camera.

Checkout Neko's website, and you can find out more about the American shredder like the facts below:

Name: Nicholas Mulally

Nick Name: Neko

Date of Birth: February 19, 1993

Current Team: Trek World Racing

Height: 6 ft 1

Weight: 170 pounds

Residence: Reading, Pennsylvania, USA

Why do you ride: Because I love it

What/who started you racing: My Dad

Weakness: Pretty Girls

Strengths: Mud, Pedaling, Rough tracks

Most important people in your life and career: Parents, Brother, Granddad

Racing since: BMX since 1999 and Mountain Bike since 2006

Professional since: 2009

Best part of racing: Achieving your goals

Hardest part: Balancing Training, traveling and racing.

Worst moment in career: Breaking my arm just before the start of season 2010

Best moment in career: Winning U.S. Open DH in 2008

General career goals: Staying healthy and racing consistently

Favorite food: Tuna and rice

Favorite reading: Tuesdays With Morrie

Favorite music: Rock n Roll

Best idea of having good time: A full day of bicycle or motorcycle riding with


Favorite place to travel to: Quebec, it's a foreign country within driving


Most respected mountain bike riders: Chris Herndon, Matti Lehikoinen, Fabien

Barel, Justin Leov

Other most respected athletes: Kevin Windham

Favorite riding spots and courses: Bromont, Ports du soleil

Advice to beginners: Set a goal and work towards it

Other sports: Motorcycle, BMX, Wakeboard, Water Polo

Other interests: Trucks, Eating, Digging, Summer

If I was not a professional mountain biker... I would be trying as hard as I

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