Project One is basically a 'design your own bike' function, it's something that has been around in their road bike range but they have now launched it to some of their mountain bike range, including the Fuel EX and the Superfly. Check it out here...but a word of warning, you'll want deep pockets!

Fuel ex
Fuel ex

Press Release:

Trek Bicycle has added an entirely new dimension to their industry-leading custom bike program, Project One, with the addition of their most popular mountain bikes. In a market where product design is fueled by specific rider preferences, Project One will allow riders the world-over to create the bike of their dreams from the ground up, with the colors and graphics they want and tuned specifically to their personal needs. The bikes available for customization are a collection of the brand’s flagship 29" wheeled product; the Superfly 9.9 SL, the Superfly 100 9.9 SL, and the all-new Fuel EX 9.9 29.

“Customization is at the core of what mountain bikes are all about since Gary Fisher and company first created them in the 1970’s. Project One is the modern embodiment of that," said Trek Mountain Bike Product Manager John Riley. “Project One mountain bikes are something that our customers have asked about for a long time and to be able to offer riders so many options is awesome."

Mountain bikes customized through Project One will be fully customizable front-to-back, tuned specifically to each rider’s unique spec requirements with an unparalleled parts offering. Each Project One will be a unique reflection of the combination of the personal and riding style of the individual. With unparalleled custom options in the bike industry, Project One will allow riders to pretty much customize the whole build.