Forget Challenge Anneka, daredevil loon Travis Pastrana is challenging you to do something slightly more extreme than a three day charity make over of a Scout hut in Pontefract!

Do you have the stones, plums or indeed testes to accept this challenge?


Challenge Anneka or Challenge Travis? One option will leave you with a revamped ping pong table in a damp Merthyr Tydfill youth club while the other will leave you hallucinating with gallons of raw adrenaline pumping through your main arterial veins, flooding into your brain and igniting your neurotransmitters in an explosion of euphoric nirvana that you will remember for the rest of your life. Your choice.


Red Bull gives Nitro Circus fans the opportunity to prove their bravery!

Fans of Travis Pastrana and his Nitro Circus crew have the chance to Challenge Travis to take things to the next level when they perform their UK shows this December. It can now be revealed that Red Bull are taking it one step further, and giving fans the opportunity to take part in something truly unique.

Travis Challenges YOU kicks off on Friday 27th July, and urges fans to sign up for a once in a lifetime, thrilling experience – the nature of which will only be revealed on the day it will take place, on the 25th August at the Red Bull Pro Nationals event at Hawkstone Park in Shropshire.

Applicants have no way of knowing what the challenge will be when they sign up, and the challenge won’t be revealed until a select few shortlisted winners get on site. Bravery and balls of steel are essential!

Hopeful daredevils are required to head to where they will need to make a statement proving their bravery before their application is accepted. They will also be required to sign a disclaimer stating that any physical or emotional harm acquired during the challenge is solely the responsibility of the participant – so only bonafide Nitro Circus fans need apply!