Sam over at Transition just beamed us over a look at the new colour schemes for the TR450.

"I just wanted to say whatup and send over these TR450 production color images. There is kind of a moto theme going with the red and the yellow designs; a sort of shout out to Honda/Suzuki and the moto inspired 450 name. Both those designs are clearcoated over for durability, but the white frame has removeable decals (extras included) so riders can really customize their setup.

There may be some aftermarket decal kits coming for this frame - HieroglyphFX is a company in the USA that will be doing some decal packages for the TR450, and other frames as well. The white frame is an easy base for custom graphic kits like that.

Anyway - we are still looking at mid December ETA"

As soon as we get one in the flesh we'll let you know the score.