I don't want to start talking about Christmas already, but this might actually make a nice present. Dave from Transcend just sent us over this product, and it does actually come in a bottle.

Here's the lowdown. (I like the bit about Power Assisted Front Wheel lifts)

Transcend MTB Skills in a Bottle Gift Experience

What - A Christmas gift along the same lines as "Red Letter Day" gifts retailed over the internet and in High street Retailers. £75 buys the customer a High quality Transcend branded Bicycle bottle containing a Gift Voucher to the value of £75 for the Transcend MTB Skills course of their choice (Please see http://www.transcendtrailacademy.com/ for more detail on the Trailriding course included and our other courses).

Who - Product is aimed at Novice to Intermediate Mountain bikers and as importantly their families (As a Mountain bike widow what can you buy the Mountain biker who has everything? - Answer, a course at cool location to help them get more from there bike and riding).

Why - This is a proven product that has been exceptionally well received (the Edinburgh Bicycle version of the course that I designed/deliver for them has been a sell-out success since it's launch in the middle of October).

But as with all innovative products the issue is more of how to communicate it's existence to the widest possible audience.

Detail -

Product Contents/Detail

o Product RRP £75

o Transcend Gift Voucher to the value £75,

o Transcend Stickers

o 750ml Big Mouth Bottle with 3 Colour Transcend Logo print.

Service Detail

o Rider to coach Ratio 6:1

o Course duration 10 - 4.30pm lunch not provided

o Riders to provide their own bike and safety equipment.

o Course delivered at Key Trail Centre locations (e.g. Glentress Scotland, Sherwood Pines, Notts etc.), across the UK on dates detailed on the website.

o Intermediate to Advanced skills included Trackstands, Manuals, Rear Wheel Lifts, Power Assisted Front Wheel lifts (wheelies), Drop-Offs, Step Ups, Berms/Cornering (Fundamentals course content differs, see website for details).

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Transcend MTB Skills in a Bottle Gift Experience