While we're all waiting for the big news of which team Tracy Moseley is due to sign with she has officially announced her departure from Kona. Read the full press release below.

We interviewed Tracy last time she popped into the Dirt office, if you missed it then clickety click here.

KONAWORLD (November 26, 2008) – In 2000, the Kona Bicycle family welcomed her with open arms. And that was that – a new family member was born. From the onset, Factory Team rider Tracy Moseley has been returning the hugs and spreading the Kona love worldwide for nine years. From her highlights of reaching her first DH World Cup podium in 2001 to winning the DH World Cup in 2002 in front of her home crowd in Fort William, UK, over the nine years Moseley also notched a European DH title to her credit, as well as 10 World Cup victories and five National DH titles.

Now, that nine year long embrace has loosened up a bit, with Moseley deciding to move on in her career. But, she will always hold a place in the heart of the Kona family.

“Always smiling and always the consummate professional, Tracy will be sadly missed by the Kona crew," says Kona co-founder Jake Heilbron. “We wish her the best of luck in her future with a new team and a new ride. And we look forward to seeing her at the races and on top of podiums all over the world."

Moseley, who in her nine years with Kona had reached the podium at more than 112 races, admits that leaving Kona isn’t easy.

“Kona is one big family and wherever I have been in the world I have always had an amazing welcome from the Kona distributors everywhere," says Moseley. “I am very grateful for the commitment, support and opportunities Kona has given me over the last nine years."

Although Moseley and her talent are stepping away from Kona, her racing future will certainly involve cracking Champagne atop podiums, descending rowdy lines and showing off her smile.

“Riding and racing for Kona over the last nine years has been an incredible journey," she says. “At the outset I had no idea that I would make a long career out of the sport and I had no idea Kona and mountain bike racing would give me the opportunity to travel the world and meet so many great people."

elite womens downhill mountain bike rider Tracy Moseley leaves Kona for a suspected move to Trek