Jerome Clementz really is starting to nail this series down, he seems to be able to adapt to each race format quicker than anyone else and of course, faster than anyone else. In this round he was 37 seconds faster than his nearest competitor, Nico Vouilloz, which is extremely close if you think that the total time of racing was about 40 minutes, the difference is less than 1 % of the whole race time.

Graves was seemingly unstoppable this round, he was pretty much top dog in all the stages except for stage 2, in which he had some sort of an incident, which left him about 3 minutes back, if it wasn’t for that he would have been challenging Jerome for that top step.

1st - Jerome Clementz

2nd - Nico Vouilloz

3rd - Fabien Barel

Tracy Moseley really is the woman to beat in this race series, although Anne Caroline-Chausson is producing stronger and stronger results, as she slowly recovers from her injury, from the first round of this series in Punta Ala. Anne Caro won three of the five stages, but unfortunately for her Tracy gained too much time in the stages that she won.

I think as this series continues, Anne Caro is going to give Tracy more and more grief... it'll be interesting to see if anyone can beat Tracy in this series.

1st - Tracy Moseley

2nd - Anne Caroline Chausson

3rd - Anneke Beerten

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