I a big fan of low key, no budget mountain bike videos. You don't necessarily need posh equipment, you just need to be keen and get out there and capture the fun of riding bikes. Tom Grundy is only 17 and has got a cheap broken video camera that he doesn't even know the name of. That's the kind of style I like.

Tom has been producing monthly videos showcasing some of the UK's up and coming talent from downhill to dirt jump to freeride. Here's a quick interview to accompany webisode 3.

Name: Tom Grundy

Age: 17

Where are you from: Cranleigh, (Supposedly UK's biggest village) in Surrey.

How long have you been filming: About a year. I started taking photos, then bought a little camera and had a go with that, I now can't decide what I like more, photos or video!

What camera do you use: I don't even know, I have to look on the bottom of the camera every time someone asks me that. It's a Sony DCR-SR I got it for my birthday about a year ago, it's terrible and the screens broken so everything that's green is red and I can't tell if any shots are any good till I get home.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

What editing software: Sony Vegas 7.0 its pretty basic, but I can edit simple things together in no time at all.

How long does it take to film/edit a webisode: Pretty much one month exactly As soon as one finishes I start on the next, filming up to twice a week. I rarely get a full day of riding thanks to the webisode!

What bike do you own: Transition Bottlerocket with Fox van 36r's, it's nice

Favourite band at the moment: That's a really tricky, at the moment I listen to loads of different music, Sweatshop union, Rage against the machine, Bonobo, NOFX, Editors, some sort of drum and bass.

Favourite mtb films: I won one once, Drop in season 5, it's really good and the shorter episodes hold my short attention span. I've seen a few others, like F1rst and the NWD's I really like them, but I get bored after about 45minutes. I don't watch many films. Mainly clips on the web!

What sort of riding do you do? I would call myself a freerider, but I do everything. One weekend I'm riding some dirt jumps and the next I'm on the steepest of DH tracks! Anything other than XC and Road

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Any riders we should be looking out for? Definatly! The New Huckmonkey dirt jump team of Ryan Nangle, Rory Hackett and Tim "posh boy" Peckham, As well as down hillers like Chris gray, Charlie "The Dribbler" Collins and Sam Boardman! There are also some people you never hear about because they only ever ride one set of trails, like Sam "Susie" Simpson, he is in webisode three!

What are your long term plans? I'm going to Uni next year to study product design; I still want to continue making webisodes, though they may have to be every two months or something. I would love to make a few videos for companies! We are trying to get a UK bus tour together if that happens then I'll make a mini drop in UK Style thing!

Do you have a job? Yea I work at the local garden centre on the tills, my barcode scanning skills are top notch!

Any funny filming stories? Charlie "The Dribbler" Collins is pretty funny to film with, mainly because he dribbles a lot, hence the nickname. There is a pretty funny bit coming up in webisode 4! I produce a video every half a year of just the random stuff I managed to get on film to be honest its mainly made up of Charlie making a fool of himself and me making stupid noises.

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