Here's a word from Mark Dale, who needs help with a Ben Ineson and Tom Rodgers memorial.

I am Mark Dale, and I run community events in Settle. Tom and Ben helped us out big time last year, with The Settle Cycling Festival - they did some jumping etc..... It was me and a few others who put together the Memorial Ride and Bash for their memory....

We are hosting The Festival Again, Sept 25-27th 2009, and want to do something in memorial for them .... probably staged jumping again, and some fun and noise, and speeches etc ....

The trouble is, Tom was our main contact for doing all this. - Would it be possible for you to message the members of the facebook RIP group, to see if there is anyone keen and able to help pull something together? - ask them to contact me via my facebook profile, or by email -

I hope you can help on this,


Mark Dale

Tom and Ben-Settle Cycling Festival Memorial