If I've read this press release right, the French ski resort of Tignes is giving out free lift passes to mountainbikers this summer.

Any one been to Tignes recently? Is it worth a look if you're in the area? Let us know in the comments below.

Here's the Franglais press release:

Tignes and CANYON offer Bike Park access this summer, Tignes is revolutionizing the mountain biking world in association with the brand CANYON to offer the access to the Bike Park. Get on your handlebars, to access the 100 km of mountain bike course in Tignes, the lifts are now free, all summer long, and without any condition.

Big storm on Bike Parks, in Tignes it’s free !

You’re not dreaming at all…. This summer, in Tignes, mountain biking is a (free) gift. You just have to catch up your favourite 2 wheels, to take your lift pass offered and… to cruise! 100 kms of course and 18 tracks in free access: so, what’s the best this summer to spend freely exercise?

Offer valid on the Bike Park opening from June 27 2010.

CANYON – Tignes: A new partnership rolls

With Tignes Bike Park, You Can..yon !

After 25 years of experience and passion devoted to the market cycle, this brand of high‐end bike from Germany and renowned for its technical products continues its path standing out by its sales system: directly to the individuals, without intermediaries. “The goal of this partnership is to refocus and unite our efforts on behalf of practioners. It is this axis we chose to develop. Promote mountain biking in the resort by offering the best conditions as possible to the practitioners so that they can fully enjoy mountain biking. This approach seemed to be consistent to us, owing to our distribution system and the proximity we have with our customers", reveals Rodolphe Beyer, director CANYON France.

Tignes, a young and shifted ski resort both in its products and its communication, asserts its sporting image.

Objective: to offer more to become THE mountain bikers favored destination in summer.

FOCUS on… 100 kms of fun races and reachable to everyone

Created in summer 2005, Tignes’ Bike Park gradually acquires tracks for all audiences. Whether you are eager to adrenaline, curious to discover this booming mountain sport or a beginner, Tignes offers to bikers a fabulous territory of expression.

The Tignes Bike Park has:

Downhill: the downhill enthusiasts come to the Tovière mountain, the home of difficult and elite trails.

Recreational rides: the beautiful endurance trails on the Palafour mountain are accessible whatever your level.

Cross‐country: there are 2 new trails on the Palafour area which are dedicated to cross‐country mountain biking.

This is mountain biking gone wild…and to become a real biker: the Bikeland

Located on the edge of the lake and dedicated to learning mountain biking, this fun area created in summer 2009, is made up of wooden ramps, an easy dual slalom and a mini downhill. It is the ideal place for beginners to practice before attacking the “big" Bike Park.

Whats’ new for summer 2010?

‐ 2 more downhill courses: a green and a blue ones

‐ More wooden and grounded ramps, for more fun races!

‐ Expansion of the “service area" with a free washing area and a stand for mountain bike test and maintenance

‐ And 3 more Bike Patrols who cruise the slopes

To enjoy even more… some TOP TIPS

For the week (7 nights accommodation)

From € 69 per person for a 4 people studio.

€ 279 per person in a 2* hotel (twin room + B&B included).

Weekender package

From € 39 each for a 4 people studio for 2 (or 3) nights accommodation.

€ 79 each in a 2* hotel (twin room + B&B included option), for 2 nights.

To book : www.tignesreservation.net and +33 (0) 4 79 40 03 03

TOPIC IDEA : Bike Patrol, the job that rolls over

His mission: to welcome, advise, guide, mark, patrol, maintain and run. Like tracker rescuer winter on the ski slopes, the bike patrol swapped his skis against a mountain bike to travel around and patrol the bike trails. This summer, Tignes strengthens its staff of bikers with 7 Bike Patrols the handlebars!

The Tignes Patrol Bikes advice : mountain bike and equipment (helmet and protections) essentials (possibility to rent mountain bikes and equipment in the station).

The Bike Park de Tignes in 2 turns of wheel:

The “cycling" resort of Tignes is open from June 27 to August 29, 2010, from 8.15 am to 5 pm.

Access offered: via 2 lifts for the enduro course and downhills (Aéroski Tovière cable car and Palafour chairlift).

100 kms of courses and 18 tracks: 8 downhill tracks to green to black, 2 cross country courses, 8 enduro courses, 1


Informations: www.tignes.net ‐ +33 (0) 4 79 40 04 40


Where is Tignes? It's here.