The Tignes Airwaveis a big snowy x-games inspired event. Mountain Bike 4x is just one of the events, which this year was won by Sunn rider Romain Saladini.

Here's a report from the the Sunn team perspective.

Romain SALADINI and Rémi "Mitch" THIRION were invited to the first race of the season during the alternative sport event Tignes Airwaves. The format : A one minute 4X race on the snow !

All the european 4X specialists were attending the first race of the season : Saladini, Deldycke, Tschugg, Tatarkovick, Giordanengo…

Romain is of course one of the favorites but the competition is hard with Aurélien Giordanengo winning the qualification in front of him. On his side, Mitch is crashing during his qualification run and is at the bottom of the ranking.

In the ¼ final Mitch is fighting hard with Fischbar, Tschugg and Tatarkovick but he manages to go trough the next round. Romain wins his race and he's in the other semi final. In the semi same situation, after a strong confrontation, both riders are qualified for the final !

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Despite a temperature of -15° celcius and the wind, everyone can feel the pressure before the gate falls. Romain is doing the holeshot ! Mitch is not a gate specialist and he's hoping for an opportunity during the run. Aurelien GIORDANENGO is attempting to pass Romain but he crashes, Romain is leading alone, Mitch is trying to keep his 2nd place but cannot avoid Deldycke return in mid race. Romain wins the race in front Deldycke and a really nice 3rd place for a 4X non specialist goes to Mitch ! This is great !

Tigne Airwaves mountain bike four 4 cross