Alex Tyler and Tom Wheeler from Eyesdownfilms have just beamed over their latest edit showcasing the talents of three young Welsh pinners.

Get all the low down from Taylor Vernon, Mike Jones and Grant Boyce (any relation to Max Boyce?) with this great edit and interview from More Mountain Biking Videos

Age and Category…?

Mike Jones: 16, I was in Youth this year going into Junior next year.

Taylor Vernon: 15, Youth this year and next year.

Grant Boyce: 18, Junior this year Expert next year. *grin on face*

How has your season been this year..?

Jones: My season has been going pretty good, had some pretty good results and a few bad ones with some big crashes. I also managed to get 1st at Welsh Champs, 2nd at National Champs and two fastest times of the days.

Vernon: Had my first BDS podium in Youth at Caersws. Don’t know what else… few top tens..? Thats about it.

Boyce: Yeh had a good season, won the Welsh Championship again for the third time and tenth in National Champs.

So what are you’re goals for next year..?

Boyce: Get up in expert and get some good top tens and podiums and then hopefully exceed into elite next year.

Jones & Vernon: Big time words there bhutt.

Boyce: I am the one.!

Jones: Try get some good results in the BDS, good podiums and have another good season.

Vernon: Get on the top step..!! Ha, do some iXS, try get some top tens and podiums at BDS.

Winter training..?

Jones: Gym, XC.

Vernon: Same.

Boyce: That’s about it.

Jones: Some night rides as well.

Boyce: The local Wednesday night ride, Gradma’s local..!

Any Thanks..?

Jones: I want to thank Team Bicycle Doctor for all the parts and help with the bikes.

*Grant pointing furiously at the gloves* Ohh and One Industry for the helmets and gloves, and Mum n Dad.

Vernon: I would like to thank my Mummy and Daddy Fox Europe, Sunline, Scott, Juicy lubes, Phunkt and BikeIt. Ohh and MGM.

Boyce: What’s MGM..?

Vernon: A big building in Las Vegas that Justin Beiber does all that singing for.

Jones: WEAPON.!

Boyce: What, you’re sponsored by MGM..?

Vernon: No, Justin Bieber is.

Boyce: Yeh, big thanks to Team Bicycle Doctor, 661, Ma n Pa and Juice Lubes. Also like to thank that Tom Lloyd.

Vernon: Yeh Lloyd..!

Boyce: Yeh, for the sweet gloves and lid.

Photos: Alex Tyler