The following trailer by Lukas Tielke for his film 'Action Heroes' (out March 2011) really caught our attention this morning. It's got awesome riding, sweet angles and a great soundtrack, plus you get to see a full body slam at 1:36 and a bug regenerating at 2:30. What more could you want?

Featuring the riding of: felix rosendahl, jonas berndt, patrick schweika, sascha dietzel, julian puczkus, tobi wrobel, niki leitner, marius hoppensack, amir kabbani, hendrik tafel, patrick rasche, boris beyer, stefan peters, robin specht, carlo dieckmann, mike plümacher, ludwig jäger. This is Action Heroes More Mountain Biking Videos

If you liked that here's some 'B footage' of Marius Hoppensack... Marius Hoppensack B-footage >>

and if you liked that, check out his site thinkBIG Production